Scholarships and Financial Assistance

There are scholarships for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Low Income groups, Other Social Castes, RBA, Frontier and Handicapped students. National Loan Scholarships and National Scholarships are awarded by the Government of India. Besides these, merit scholarships are also awarded to the deserving students by Jammu University. Over and above these scholarships, liberal help is given to the deserving students out of the Mutual Benefit Fund augmented by the State Government grants and UGC Funds. The college also recommends deserving eligible students for Post matric scholarship given by Dept. of Social Welfare.

A student applying for scholarships is required to submit an application on a prescribed form which can be had from the College office. The students are advised to keep them updated regarding the notices about scholarships.

The income certificate of the father/ guardian should be issued by the Revenue Officer of the rank not less than the rank of Tehsildar. Parent/Guardian of the student applying for any scholarship must give an undertaking that in case his/her ward participates in strikes or any other subversive activity he/she will refund the amount of the scholarship received in one installment.


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