Inter College/ University Migrations


A student can apply to the University for Inter College Migration affiliated to Jammu University under rules at the commencement of Odd Semesters as per the following rules: i)No student who has joined a college affiliated to the Jammu University Shall be admitted to another college during the same course unless : a) He/She has obtained leaving certificate from the Principal of the college from which he /she intends to migrate. The certificate is not to be given by the Principal until the transfer has been notified by the University. b) The Principals of both the colleges agree and the fee has been paid to the University. ii) A student who is detained or conditionally promoted shall not be admitted to a higher class by the Principal of the other College on migration. iii) Tuition Fee, if any, shall be payable by the student to the Principal of the College from which he migrates upto and including the month in which he obtains leaving certificate. Tuition fee for the same month shall not be charged by the college to which he/she migrates.


A candidate having remained on the rolls of an affiliated/constituent college who has attended the corresponding programme of semester system in any other recognized University shall be admitted in Semester-III or V of the course after having passed Semester-I and SemesterII/Semester-I to IV of B.A./B.Sc./B.Com.(General)/BBA/ BCA/Honours course provided the following conditions are fulfilled :– (i) migration is not being sought to evade the admission requirements of the University; (ii) the courses/programme of study prescribed/pursued by the candidate in the University from which he/she seeks migration are not materially different from the courses/programmes prescribed to be pursued in this University; (iii) the candidate would be in a position to satisfy all the statutory requirements prescribed by the University for admission to the programme and appearance in the examination. Provided that such a candidate who has not qualified the Semester examination with the subjects/combination of subjects for which he/she intends to seek admission to the next higher class of this University shall be required to qualify such subjects of the qualifying examination of this University as may be determined by the University. The marks/ grades obtained in B.A./B.Sc./ B.Sc (Home Science) / B.Com.General or Honours / BBA/BCA/Honours course Semester-I to V or equivalent examinations conducted by another University from which the candidate has migrated shall be taken into account for determining the final result (by increasing or reducing the marks/grades in accordance with the maximum marks/grades of the B.A./B.Sc./B.Com General or Honours/BBA/BCA/Honours course of this University).

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